Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beer Review: Delirium Tremens (Belgium)

Howdy all. Yesterday I promised you a special treat, and here it is (well the treat is mostly for me, since I'll be drinking it). Today I'll be reviewing Delirium Tremens, one of my favorite beers, which also happens to be quite hard to get my hands on.

Looks: Light hazy yellow/golden. Big white frothy head that diminishes quite quickly, but still remains quite thick.
Smells: Apricots, banana, spices, yeast.
Tastes: Fruits, sweet. Its taste fades quite quickly in your mouth, leaving a dry finish that makes you want to drink more.

Looks: 4/5 - Looks great. Ideally you need to let it sit a tiny bit in order to get the most of it.
Smells: 5/5 - Such an intense mix of fruits and spices, enough to make you salivate for it.
Tastes: 9/10 - Simply amazing. It's sweetness hides it's quite high alcohol content (8.5%), so be sure to take your time savoring it.
Overall: 18/20 - If you ever come across this, do yourself a favor and get some. Even if you don't like beer get this.



  1. this really sounds like my kind of beer...and yours too i guess!

  2. Sounds delicious. Will be sure to try if I ever have the opportunity to find it as well...

  3. interesting post.....good work man...

  4. Ahhhh ....Belgium, The country of beers , I have a t-shirt that says exactly that :D

  5. Nice, I'll make sure to try it if I ever see it... Which I don't think is going to happen haha

  6. Pretty good review, wonder if my local spot has this or can get it for me, very interested in trying it out.

  7. haha my friends dad had tremens, nasty stuff.

  8. If I ever come across this beer.. I will definitely buy it.

  9. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr

  10. This is one very sweet beer. I love how belgian beers get their fruitiness from their yeasts. I know this specific beer has 3 different strains in it, hence the awesome sweet flavor/aroma. : )