Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beer Review: Sleeman Dark Ale (Canada)

Quick beer review tonight: Sleeman Dark Ale

Looks: Dark reddish with a small white head.
Smells: Very faint smell of chocolate, earth, light touch of hops.
Tastes: Very very faint chocolate, some brown sugar, light taste of lemon.

Looks: 3.5/5 - Not enough head as it diminishes very fast.
Smells: 2.5/5 - Almost no smell. Every aroma is too faint to really distinguish it.
Tastes: 5.5/10 - Has a nice creamy feel to it, but overall is very bland for a dark ale.
Overall: 11.5/20 - A bit better than commercial beers, but nothing special. I personally find it quite bland. They must have been too afraid to kick up the flavor and tried to market to the masses instead. If they had put more emphasis on the chocolate and a stronger finish, it would be a much better beer (better smell AND taste).



  1. Nice beer review! Looking forward to more of your reviews :D!

  2. A lot of beers lean towards the "please the masses" path. I'll be sure to think twice before buying this one if I ever come across it.

  3. oh wow so the average rating for a commercial beer is 10/20?? lol

  4. I don't mind Sleeman :) nice Review.

  5. I've never tried it but thanks for the review. Ill check out some other beers.

  6. chocolate? chocolate! a beer that a smells like CHOCOLATE!
    where you get that beer?

  7. <3 beer! Sleemens is alright.