Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alcohol Review: Glen Breton Ice 10 Year Old (Canadian Whisky)

Howdy everyone, today I'll be reviewing a gift that I got from a good friend of mine, a bottle of Glen Breton Ice 10 Year Old.

Looks: Light golden, a bit oily, still poured well.
Smells: Malty, biscuits, grass, a light touch of toffee.
Tastes: Sweet, light peat, spices, ginger, a bit oily.

Looks: 4/5 - Beautiful color that really shines off the casks it was aged in.
Smells: 4/5 - Great aroma, delicate and sweet, not too strong.
Tastes: 9/10 - Aging in ice wine barrels gave it quite a unique taste, offering something new to what most whisky drinkers are used to.
Overall: 18/20 - It really doesn't taste like a 10 year old bottle. Its just plain amazing, it really offers something new that you won't taste in typical Scotch Whiskys.


PS: For those of you who say might say I spelled "Whisky" wrong - think again. American and English "Whiskeys" are different from Canadian and Scottish "Whiskys", as they have kept the old original ways of spelling it.


  1. Thanks nice review

  2. Mm, sounds like quite the bottle.

  3. Sounds like a quality bottle. Enjoy my friend

  4. Yummy, sounds like I gotta give this a shot

  5. interesting post...sound great :)

  6. great things this blog will achieve

  7. Hm..will show to my beer drinking friends.

  8. i love a lil whiskey in coke, great way to relax

  9. Love me some canadian whisky. Thx for the sup, you got mine.