Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beer Review: Murrays Pilsner (Australia)

Wow I'm really late tonight. Sorry about that, real life stuff getting in the way. Today I'll review a special treat from Australia, the Murrays Pilsner. I know today is supposed to be a Misc day, but I've decided to switch it with tomorrow's post as I'm not done writing it and I had this review already done.

Looks: Cloudy orange with a small white head that shrinks quite fast.
Smells: Lots of hops, citrus, clove, pine and fruits.
Tastes: Hops with some malt. Quite sweet that turns into a long bitter. Lots of flavor with each mouthful. The malt especially comes out near the end of each sip. Quite refreshing.

Looks: 3/5 - Looks good, but disappointing head. Decreased in size far too fast for my liking.
Smells: 4/5 - Good aroma, a bit strong on the noise. Let's you know exactly what you are in for when you smell it.
Tastes: 7.5/10 - Pretty good, though I think the transportation might have damaged the quality of the bottle for the one I drank, so unfortunately I'll have to give it a 7.5 until I get a chance to review it again. Still quite a good Pilsner.


News from J's house: So today I got home to find out that the building next to mine installed billboards right in front of my window. Now every time I look out of it I get to see a smiling lawyer talking about chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. I guess they are going for all of the US owners in my neighborhood (which there are quite a few). Either way... It's really annoying, they didn't use to have adds on that building before. Has this happened to anyone before?


  1. Nope, hasn't happened to me.
    Sounds like a good drink. I wonder how much it would cost to get myself some.

  2. Haha, I love this blog. Not much of a beer drinker, but it's not to see what everyone else thinks.

  3. Australian beer, what an exotic thing.

  4. My mates dig this beer, still sticking with black label =P Do a review of it next, I won't care if you say it sucks =)

  5. i tried only one australian beer :/

  6. hmm.. I don't really like Australian beer, so i probably won't try it, thanks for your insight anyway

  7. Sounds like my kind of beer. I like it strong and hopsy.

  8. seems like something I need to try

  9. lol. bankruptsy lawyere everywhere.

  10. I didn't know Australians were allowed to drink anything other than Fosters