Monday, October 18, 2010

Beer Review - Chimay Bleue (Belgium)

Another late update! Sorry about that everyone. I was unable to come online before now as my internet was down (terrible excuse I know). Thankfully that left me plenty of time to sample today's beer: the Chimay Bleue.

Now this is a beer from Belgium and I've never had it before, so it will be something new for all of us!

Looks: Hazy dark brown that turns dark cherry red in the light. Large beige head that diminishes quickly.
Smells: Cherries, brown sugar and a hint of caramel. Quite a strong smell of alcohol.
Tastes: Quite bitter, tastes of yeast, spices, bananas, alcohol. The aftertaste is quite short and very malty. The alcohol is quite noticeable, but it is a 9%, so it is quite strong too.

Overall, quite good, but a little disappointing. The taste of alcohol is a bit too dominant in my opinion, taking away from the other flavors in there. Also due to the strong alcohol content, it needs to be drunk slowly and since its aftertaste is so short, it leaves the pallet wanting more, making harder to enjoy it.


PS: I'm thinking of doing a bit of a schedule for the updates, let me know how this sounds / if you guys would like it in another way.

monday: beer review
tuesday: beer review
wednesday: restaurant/pub review
thursday: misc (can be anything)
friday: beer review
saturday: drink review (i'll try to review things other than beer)
sunday: misc (again: can be anything)

Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. I'm not a fan of bitter beers. Guess this lets me know to steer clear

  2. Sounds good, although kind of a daunting schedule

  3. 9%?? by golly like steelies lol

  4. Not much of a beer drinker myself so maybe I'll learn a few things here.

  5. hm sounds good. awesome blog, you got a new follower!

  6. I've always found Belgium beers to be a disappointment, and you schedule sounds good, I can read the reviews during the week before I go out.

  7. I actually tried that one ! didn't like it that much, but it was unique definitely !

  8. I drink black label, I swear i followed you a few times already, or are a lot of people blogging about beer?

  9. monday: beer
    tuesday: beer
    wednesday: beer
    thursday: beer
    friday: beer
    saturdayr: beer
    sunday: beer?

  10. doesn't sound that good, I hope you'll find some better brews.

  11. That looks like a good schedule. That beer does not appeal to me as you describe it, lol.

  12. beer ! ! I wanted her ! Every day ..every minute !

  13. Great review, but I wish you would post a picture along with it.

  14. Sounds good man, keep it up! I like these reviews!

  15. Sounds like my kind of beer. I think I'll try to find some.

  16. I think you should go on with the schedule, it's cool ;)

  17. Sorry you didn't like it. I'm a big Chimay fan. You should review some Oktoberfest's since, well, it's October!!! Take CARe