Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pub Review: McCarold (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Hello everyone! Wednesday is upon us, so Pub Review time! Today I'll be talking about a great little place on che. de la cote-des-Neiges: The "Pub McCarold".

First of all: this place is a REAL pub. No loud club music blasting, no 14 TV screens showing sports, none of that stuff. Its an authentic "British" pub: tables, stools and a well stocked bar (and when I say well stocked, I mean that). The selection here is wide and varied. You'll find every local beers, imported beers and even a few rare gems that are hard to find anywhere else (I'm looking at you, bottles of Delirium Tremens that are sought out by everyone). They also have a great selection of liquors too for those of you that prefer those.

Like all pubs, the also serve, you guessed it, food! Eating there is always a pleasure. From their fish and chips (one of the best in town), to their delicious burgers and even to their goat cheese pizza, everything is delicious. The service is good and fast, the staff is nice and the prices are more than fair.

tl;dr: Great food, lots of choices, awesome place to go relax, not expensive. Try it out! Its right in front of metro Cote des Neiges.

Location: 5400 che. de la cote-des-Neiges


PS: Expect tomorrow's review to be late, as I have a night exam and won't get home until late at night. Promise starting next week I'll actually write these in advance and try to get them all posted at the same hour everyday. What time would suit you guys best? I'm thinking around 6pm EST. Let me know in the comments.


  1. wow ty for info man rlly usefull!

  2. I'd want to visit this place if I'm in the area

  3. lol where do you get this stuff?

  4. Nice if I'm ever in montreal looking for something to do i now know where to go.

  5. I'll come check this out next time I'm on the other side of the globe.

  6. I wanted to go to Montreal. I will certainly check this place out when I go.